Amongst the rubble of Delmas 32, Port au Prince, there are children learning. A 15 year old earthquake survivor named Junior leads me to what used to be his home, but is now a pile of rubble and twisted rebar. The entire neighborhood looks as if it were strafed with a shock-and-awe bombing campaign. Junior reminds me to watch where I step, as I could twist my ankle, and, “Don’t step in that black stuff, that’s a burnt body.” We find something almost as surreal: between hills of debris and human remains, a boy writes lessons on a piece of salvaged chalkboard fastened to a still-standing chunk of cinderblock wall.A boy sits on a small pile of rubble and leans against a flat slab of concrete, as if it were a proper school desk. Barely noticing our presence, the boy diligently looks up at the board and back down to write in a notebook. “Everyone in Haiti wants to go to school very badly,” says Junior. “We know it’s the only way for us to make our country better.”

Global Adolescent Project has sponsored Junior, paying his tuition at one of Haiti’s best secondary schools, from which he graduated this past June.

“In Haiti, you have to believe in your dream. And you have to work hard for that dream. My dream is to be a doctor. I will be a doctor. I love my country and my people. I will be a doctor and I will help my people.” – Junior