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Global Adolescent Project

Another G.A.P. Accomplishment: Junior and Eder Graduate from High School

Right after the earthquake, Junior and Eder were frequently seen with tattered English phrase-books in hand as they feverishly attempted to translate Creole to English for expat medical and non-medical volunteer teams that had come to aid in the relief work at the Petiovnille Camp. (The Petionville camp was one of the largest displaced persons camps that sprouted after the 2010 earthquake). Junior spent most of his days volunteering inside the camp while Eder was working in the tent hospital. For Junior and Eder, the earthquake might have shattered their homes and brought death into their lives, but it never for a second altered their ability to dream, or their desire to help others.  If you had the opportunity to work alongside Eder or Junior in early 2010 you probably heard, in broken English, that they had a dream to become doctors and serve their country. Even then, their smiles were so big and their goals so noble that G.A.P and those that met them couldn’t help but join forces and bring them one step closer to their destiny, and we did!

Less than a year after the earthquake, thanks to the English skills they developed through volunteering and the generosity of donors like you, Junior and Eder were miraculously eligible to attend New American School (NAS), one of the most challenging and reputable schools in Haiti, where the entire curriculum is taught in English. From losing everything in the earthquake and being forced to live in a tent made of plastic sheeting, to tirelessly volunteering for their country, and now, graduating with honors from one of the most prestigious high schools in Haiti, Junior and Eder truly represent a scholastic Cinderella story.

The graduation ceremony was marked with excitement as other G.A.P teens, donors and friends from both Haiti and abroad flocked to see these two teens realize their dreams.  As the music rose and the graduates began their procession, those who had volunteered alongside Junior and Eder could not help but recall Junior’s wide smile as he crouched down to translate for an elderly woman in the camp or Eder as he translated for the worried mother in the tent hospital.

“Someone once said the world is won by those who show up, not those who wait to be asked. This means that we will have to work hard to get our dreams accomplished,” explained Junior, in impeccable English, during his graduation speech.

After the speech, Junior bowed his head and wept tears of gratitude, Eder looked over and they locked eyes in acknowledgement of this solemn moment. Their graduation was a testament to the fact that a few generous people, like you, can change a child’s life forever. It’s also proof of the relentless determination and strength that is harbored inside the souls of those that want progress. Today, as this story is retold in all its glory, we invite you to continue to fund the dreams of the other 22 teens who, like Eder and Junior, have challenged themselves to believe in their ability to succeed, against all odds. We encourage you to believe in their goals with the same passion that they believe in themselves.

As we begin our G.A.P Back-to-School Campaign we are in need of:

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Global Adolescent Project works to provide shelter, food security, education, role models, and business development skills and opportunities. G.A.P. aims to provide young people with a path out of poverty, while becoming mentors for the next generation.

School In Haiti:
These are average yearly costs per G.A.P. Kid: 
  • National Exams (twice a year): $100
  • School Registration Fee: $20 
  • Tuition: $435 
  • Uniforms: $150
  • Lunch Program: $150
  • School Events: $50
Total: $905/year/kid

Visit Our Stay Classy campaign page to make to support G.A.P.’s Back-to-School Campaign.

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