Streetwise Signature Strength

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One of the threee E’s of our mission statement is “encourage”..In that effort, we have been working on teaching the g.a.p. kids abut resilience and the characteristics that build it. Each of our kids has a signature strength and those strengths are repeated and woven into other aspects of our program. In the financial literacy portion of our program, each kid was given a notebook to record their monthly spending. On the inside cover of each notebook along with the participants name is their signature strength. Sometimes signature strengths are developed from the experience of transcending...

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How Haiti Stole My Heart; A Mother’s Day Story

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We marked the third anniversary of the Haiti earthquake recently and it is time to get this blog going again and share with you all the amazing experiences that our G.A.P. kids bring to the world.  I think about how I naively stepped off the plane on January 27, 2010 and had no idea how deeply Haiti would touch me. I remember being struck by the warmth and humility of the people we were working with on that first trip as they stood in line for hours at a time, wounded and sick amid the dust and rubble. Every single person I spoke with on that first trip had lost an immediate family member to...

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To Our Future G.A.P. Doctors

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